If you are a 2017 DV Lottery Selectee, congratulations! You have been randomly chosen by the US Department of State for the opportunity to apply for lawful permanent residence (“green card”). This program is also known as the green card lottery or diversity visa lottery.  Green card holders are allowed to live and work in the United States permanently or, after a period of years, apply for US citizenship. Over 14 million people from all over the world submitted entries for the DV  2017 program and 100,000 have been picked to apply for 50,000 green cards.DV Lottery Green Card

What does it mean to be a 2017 DV Lottery Selectee?

Simply being picked in the initial 2017 green card lottery does not mean that you and your family members will automatically get green cards. Because there are 100,000 DV Selectees, only the first 50,000 applicants who successfully complete the diversity visa application process will be allowed to immigrate to the US. Green cards are handed out on a first come, first serve basis. You must wait until your number is called before getting the chance to complete the interview process.

2017 DV Lottery Interview Scheduling

The DV green card lottery application period runs from October 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017. The principal applicant must have completed all processing and have entered the US on the diversity immigrant visa by the end of September 2017 in order to become a lawful permanent resident. The point at which a particular DV selectee will be allowed to apply for a green card depends on the number assigned during the selection process. In previous years, the Department of State has invited DV Selectees to apply in groups of a several thousand at a time. Those with lower numbers will be permitted to apply early in the cycle; those with high numbers must wait. For example, if you are from Asia and your DV Selectee number is 2017AS00006000, you will likely have an interview date in or around October 2016. If your number is more like 2017AS00026000, you can expect to be interviewed in the Spring of 2017. The longer you must wait for an interview, the greater the chances that the 50,000 green cards will be gone by the time your number comes up. Because scores of applicants fail to qualify for a green card at the interview stage, having a higher number does not mean that you won’t ultimately get your green card.

Winning numbers for 2016 DV Selectees will look like:

2017 DV Selectee from Africa: 2017AF00000001

2017 DV Selectee from Asia: 2017AS00000001

2017 DV Selectee from Europe: 2017EU000000001

How do I qualify for an immigrant visa (green card) through the 2017 DV program?

Whether you get a US green card depends on a variety of factors. Assuming you are permitted to apply, you must have the necessary educational or work background, ability to support yourself and your family and not be inadmissible to the US. Further, many applicants discover (too late) that they made an error on the entry form back in the fall of 2015 and, therefore, have been disqualified. Sadly, many applicants do not realize this until they have paid the filing fees and show up for their interview. Consulting with a US immigration lawyer prior to paying fees or filing paperwork can significantly reduce the chances of wasting your money on an unapprovable green card application.  Call us today at 800.989.6842 or + 1 310.882.6842 (outside the US).

How does a 2017 Green Card Lottery selectee apply for a green card?

If you checked the Department of State DV Lottery 2017 website and discovered that you have been selected, your work is just beginning. Being a 2017 DV Selectee simply means that you may be given the opportunity to apply for a green card (immigrant visa) at a US Embassy (if outside the US) or USCIS local office (if inside the US). Although you must wait until your number has been called before finishing the application process, many DV selectees start the process as soon as they learn that they have won. Whether you will be interviewing in the US or at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad, various forms and fees need to be submitted before the interview can occur. Further, many documents must be gathered to bring with you to the interview. Although the process is, ultimately, in the hands of the US government, in my experience the sooner clients hire me to handle their DV lottery case, the more smoothly things progress.

What is the Kentucky Consular Center (“KCC”)?

All 2017 DV Selectees (or their immigration lawyer) will interact with the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) at some point in the immigrant visa application process. A DV Selectee who plans on applying for their green card at a US Embassy abroad will submit the necessary forms as soon as possible to the Kentucky Consular Center. Once the KCC deems all forms (including form DSP-122) to be in order, they will put the applicant in line based on his or her DV Selectee number. When the KCC is notified that a particular number is coming up, it will schedule the interview and notify the applicant. If the applicant’s forms are not accepted by the Kentucky Consular Center before their number comes up, they will be given the next available interview date (provided the 50,000 green cards have not already been awarded). A DV Selectee who plans to apply for their green card in the US via the adjustment of status process will pay fees to the Kentucky Consular Center, but will route all other forms and documents through USCIS.