All applicants for US Citizenship, except those in the military, are required to first become permanent resident green card holders. The green card citizenship path is further separated into those who must wait five years before applying for citizenship and those, like spouses of US citizens under the marriage citizenship process, who can apply after only three years of permanent residency.

Those who take the marriage citizenship path start by obtaining a green card. Spouses of US citizens can obtain a green card in a variety of ways. Those who are present in the US can apply for adjustment of status and complete the entire green card application process without leaving the country. Those spouses who are abroad, or those who do not qualify for adjustment of status, can apply either for a green card or a K-3 spousal visa at a US consulate.

Once the spouse of a US citizen has a green card and has lived in the US with their spouse for three years, he or she can submit a citizenship application on form N-400. The normal citizenship requirements for residency and physical presence when applying through marriage to a US citizen are reduced by two years and one year respectfully. However, those who wish to take advantage of the faster marriage citizenship process will be required to prove that there is a bona fide marriage to a US citizen.

Naturalization lawyers can assist in obtaining citizenship by marriage. For those who are not yet permanent resident green card holders, naturalization lawyers can help in filing form I-130 and any adjustment of status or consular processing applications for the green card.  For present green card holders who are ready for the marriage citizenship process, naturalization lawyers can help prepare the evidence of bona fide marriage package required for the citizenship application. See what naturalization lawyers can do for you; contact us for a free consult.