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212(a) Inadmissibility Grounds & Waiver of Inadmissibility

Below are the various Section 212(a) inadmissibility grounds that can be found in the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) section 212. If the inadmissibility ground is waivable, reference to the specific waiver of inadmissibility is also given.

Inadmissibility Grounds Inadmissibility Grounds INA referenceWaiver of Inadmissibility for Immigrant VisaWaiver of Inadmissibility for Non-immigrant Visa
Communicable Disease212(a)(1)(A)(i)212(g)212(d)(3)
Lacking Required Vaccinations212(a)(1)(A)(ii)212(g)N/A
Physical or Mental Disorder212(a)(1)(A)(iii)212(g)212(d)(3)
Drug Abuser/ Drug Addict212(a)(1)(A)(iv)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Crime Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT)212(a)(2)(A)(i)(I)212(h)212(d)(3)
Controlled Substance Violations (Drug Crimes)212(a)(2)(A)(i)(II)212(h) - but only for possession of 30g or less of marijuana212(d)(3)
Multiple Criminal Convictions212(a)(2)(B)212(h)212(d)(3)
Controlled Substance (Drug) Traffickers and their families212(a)(2)(C)(i)
No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Procuring a Prostitute212(a)(2)(D)(i)212(h)212(d)(3)
Asserted immunity from prosecution212(a)(2)(E)212(h)212(d)(3)
Espionage212(a)(3)(A)(i)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available
Unlawful activity related to security212(a)(3)(A)(ii)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available
Attempts to Overthrow the US Government212(a)(3)(A)(iii)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available
Terrorist Activities212(a)(3)(B)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Foreign Policy212(a)(3)(C)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available
Membership in Totalitarian Party212(a)(3)(D)212(a)(3)(D)(ii)
Nazi Party212(a)(3)(E)(i)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available
Genocide212(a)(3)(E)(ii)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available
Public Charge212(a)(4)213212(d)(3)
Labor Certification212(5)(A)N/AN/A
Unqualified Physician212(5)(B)No Waiver AvailableN/A
Uncertified Health Care Workers212(5)(C)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Aliens Present without Admission or Parole (EWI)212(a)(6)(A)VAWA: 212(a)(6)(A)(II)
Asylum: 208
Cancellation: 240A
AOS: 245(i)
Failure to Attend Removal Proceedings212(a)(6)(B)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
False Claim to US Citizenship212(a)(6)(C)(ii)212(a)(6)(C)(ii)(II) for claims made prior to 1997
Stowaways212(a)(6)(D)Asylum 208N/A
Civil Penalty under INA 247C212(a)(6)(F)212(d)(12)212(d)(3)
Student Visa Abusers212(a)(6)(G)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Documentation Requirement for Immigrants212(a)(7)(A)211
Documentation Requirement for Nonimmigrants212(a)(7)(A)(B)N/A212(d)(4)
Immigrant Ineligible for Citizenship INA 314 or INA 315212(a)(8)(A)No Waiver AvailableN/A
Draft Evaders212(a)(8)(B)Carter Pardon212(d)(3)
Ordered Removed Upon Arrival212(a)(9)(A)(i)
Unlawful Presence212(a)(9)(B)212(a)(9)(B)(v)212(d)(3)
Unlawful Presence after Prior Immigration Violation212(a)(9)(C)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Immigrant Polygamists212(a)(10)(A)No Waiver AvailableN/A
Guardian accompanying inadmissible helpless child212(a)(10)(B)N/AN/A
International Child Abduction212(a)(10)(C)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Unlawful Voter212(a)(10)(D)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Former Citizen who renounced to avoid taxes212(a)(10)(E)No Waiver Available212(d)(3)
Former Exchange Visitors212(e)I-612 WaiverI-612 Waiver
Individual who is detrimental to US interests212(f)No Waiver AvailableNo Waiver Available

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