At Cavanaugh Law Office, we understand that choosing the right attorney for your particular immigration case is important. We are happy to offer a free immigration consultation to prospective clients from all 50 states and around the world. The purpose of the free immigration consultation is to determine whether our office would be qualified, and willing, to handle your case. The consultation is handled personally by the immigration attorney and can be by e-mail, phone, instant message chat or a combination of methods. It is typical for the attorney to invest between 15 to 30 minutes in each consult.

What happens during the free immigration consultation?

During the consultation, the immigration attorney gathers pertinent information about your case including, but not limited to, the type of immigration benefit being sought, where the foreign national is from and presently located, prior immigration and criminal history, and any issues that could complicate the case. The prospective client is urged to inquire about, among other things, attorney qualifications, services offered, and the attorney fee structure.  It may be necessary for the attorney to gather additional information from the prospective client before deciding whether to take the case, or how much the attorney will charge. There is never a fee for this preliminary fact gathering.

What WILL NOT happen during free immigration consultations?

The immigration attorney offers the free consultation in order to provide prospective clients with a way to determine if representation by the particular attorney is right for them. You will NOT 1.) get free advice as to how to handle a particular case on your own; 2.) find out which forms or documents to file; or 3.) figure out how to contact a particular government agency.

How to get a free immigration consultation

The immigration attorney is flexible and generous with regard to client contact methods and hours and often takes calls and answers email even when she is not in the office.  See the attorney contact page for more information.