Don’t look now, but the Moscow Mauler is America’s newest citizen. Oleg Prudius, aka Vladimir Kozlov, was sworn in at the Tampa, Florida citizenship ceremony this week with 413 other citizenship applicants from 74 countries including Cambodia, Guatemala and the Ukraine.

Kozlov started his long journey toward American citizenship as a child in the Ukraine. A huge Hulk Hogan fan, his thirst for fame and fortune intensified during a trip to California in the late 90’s. He moved to New York in 2000 and, in 2006, signed with WWE and moved to Kentucky to be a wrestler. Now living in Tampa, the newest US citizen drew applause at the Tampa naturalization ceremony, with fans lining up to shake his hand and take his picture before he had to leave for a Houston wrestling match.

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Source: St. Petersburg Times “Inspired by Hulk Hogan, WWE wrestler Oleg Prudius goest from Ukraine to US citizen”