The United States Citizenship and Nationality Service (USCIS) recently made changes to the fees required when filing certain immigration forms. Although most fees did increase, fees for two key applications either stayed the same or decreased.

K1 Visa filing fee decreases

The filing fee for form I-129F, which is used to petition for a K1 visa for a foreign fiance, decreased from $455 to $340. The decrease is, most likely, in response to the fact that the US Department of State recently increased the portion of the K1 visa fee that must be paid at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad during the fiance visa interview. Earlier this year, that fee increased from $131 to $350.

Naturalization and Citizenship filing fee remains unchanged

The fee for filing form N-400 used when applying for US Citizenship has remain unchanged at $595. However, since the biometic fee that must be paid along with the N-400 filing fee increased from $80 to $85, the total filing fee actually increased $5 to $680.

Below is a table that summarizes the rest of the filing fees for USCIS forms. An immigration attorney can help you figure out what fees will be due when you file your immigration case.

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