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Citizenship by marriage in the United States is the process by which foreign nationals who are married to US citizens can obtain US citizenship within three years of obtaining a green card, rather than the five year waiting period required of all other green card holders. In order to take advantage of the more lenient naturalization requirements for the citizenship by marriage process, the spouses must be married for three years and be living together at the time the citizenship application is filed. For more information on the citizenship by marriage process, see marriage citizenship or contact a naturalization attorney at 800.989.6842 for more information.

Citizenship Requirements for a marriage citizenship case…how are they different?

By |December 13th, 2009|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

The citizenship requirements for those applying for American citizenship can be broken down into three main categories: citizenship requirements for members of the US military; citizenship requirements for those taking the green card citizenship route; and citizenship requirements for those taking the marriage citizenship route (an off-shoot of the green card citizenship route). The main [...]