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Citizenship lawyers are immigration lawyers that are qualified to assist green card holders in obtaining US citizenship through the naturalization process. Citizenship lawyers can aid the citizenship applicant in preparing the N-400 citizenship application package and/or accompany the applicant to the citizenship interview. Citizenship lawyers will identify any potential problems with applicants’ cases, including issues that could make applicants deportable, and confirm that the applicants meet all of the requirements prior to submitting citizenship applications. Contact a citizenship lawyer today to start the US naturalization process.

Citizenship Lawyers & those Applying for Citizenship: Note new filing addresses

By |December 18th, 2009|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

To all Citizenship Lawyers & those Applying for Citizenship: The USCIS announced yesterday new filing addresses for the N-400 citizenship application for the Texas and Arizona lockbox facilities, used by citizenship lawyers and those applying for citizenship pro se. The changes take effect immediately. An N-400 citizenship application previously filed at the post office box [...]