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The citizenship process is used by hundreds of thousands of green card holders each year in order to become American citizens. The citizenship process begins when a qualified applicant files the N-400 citizenship application, required documents and filing fee. After initial processing of the N-400 is complete, and the applicant has been fingerprinted, the citizenship process continues on to the citizenship interview and citizenship tests. The final state of the citizenship process includes the citizenship ceremony, citizenship oath and issuance of the certificate of citizenship. Citizenship lawyers can help guide applicants through the citizenship process. Contact us today!

Be careful of citizenship test fraud

By |December 10th, 2009|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

Three Pennsylvania men were recently convicted of fraud in connection with the citizenship process. The scheme involved paying doctors to falsify form N-648 (waiver of citizenship test due to physical or mental impairment) so that people applying for citizenship could avoid having to take the citizenship test that is usually administered at the citizenship interview. [...]