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Green card wait gets longer for some applicants

By |March 10th, 2011|Green Card|

Despite an exciting summer and fall, when the wait for a green card for some family-based applicants had widdled down to less than a year, things continue to slide backward. Although immediate relatives of US citizens (i.e. parents, children and spouses) are immediately eligible to apply for a green card, other family members must wait [...]

DV 2011 Visa Lottery procedures

By |July 22nd, 2010|Green Card|

I've been getting calls and emails recently from people who were lucky enough to win the US Department of State (DOS) green card lottery. However, once you win the DV 2011 visa lottery what comes next? What is DV 2011 Visa Lottery? The DV visa lottery, which is officially known as the diversity visa lottery, [...]