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A k1 visa is a type of US immigrant visa issued to the fiance or fiancee of a United States citizen so that the couple can get married in the US and the spouse can apply for a green card while living in America. A K1 visa petition is submitted to USCIS on form I 129f and the K1 visa is issued to the fiance at a US consulate or US embassy abroad. A fiancee cannot obtain a K1 visa while in the United States. In 2008, approximately 30,000 K1 visas were issued to foreign fiancees for admission to America. If a K1 visa holder fails to marry the US citizen within 90 days of entry, the visa becomes invalid and the foreign national must leave the US.

USCIS Changes Filing Fees on Most Immigration Forms

By |December 6th, 2010|Immigration Lawyer|

The United States Citizenship and Nationality Service (USCIS) recently made changes to the fees required when filing certain immigration forms. Although most fees did increase, fees for two key applications either stayed the same or decreased. K1 Visa filing fee decreases The filing fee for form I-129F, which is used to petition for a K1 [...]