After filing form N-400 and your naturalization package, you will be notified of the date, time and location of your citizenship interview. All applicants must successfully complete a citizenship interview in order to obtain citizenship through naturalization. Naturalization attorneys are available to accompany those applying for citizenship to the citizenship interview and can be helpful in showing that you meet the citizenship requirements including residency and good moral character. Contact a naturalization attorney today to schedule representation at your citizenship interview.

The citizenship interview day is generally broken into several segments including the naturalization interview itself, and the two citizenship tests which consist of the basic English citizenship test and the US history and government citizenship test. During the naturalization interview, at which naturalization attorneys are permitted to be present, an immigration officer will review the citizenship application, compare the citizenship photo submitted with the N400 to the applicant, question the applicant about the content of the written citizenship application, and clarify any areas or issues in the applicant’s history that the officer may have concerns about. Naturalization attorneys are trained to appear at these interviews prepared to substantiate their clients’ cases and provide case law or other legal authority for the client’s position. Representation at a naturalization interview by a naturalization attorney is essential for applicants whose backgrounds place them in jeopardy of having their citizenship application denied or, worse, being placed in deportation proceedings.

If the applicant passes all three portions of the citizenship interview, the naturalization interview, the English exam and the civics quiz, he or she will be scheduled to take the citizenship oath at a citizenship ceremony.