For US citizenship & naturalization cases, we offer a hybrid fee structure.

Preparation of the Citizenship Application

We recommend that all clients hire a citizenship lawyer, at least to prepare the citizenship application. Although the final fee cannot be quoted until you have a consultation with a citizenship lawyer, the fee for most standard cases is $750. This includes preparation of the N-400 (Application for Naturalization) form, accompanying package of evidence and documents, and preparation of any documents that may be needed for the citizenship interview. Government application fees are extra.

Attendance at the Citizenship Interview

While we recommend that all clients be accompanied by a citizenship lawyer at the citizenship interview, certain clients with standard cases may feel comfortable attending on their own. For those who wish to take a lawyer, or those who have complicated cases, the fee for interview attendance is an additional $250 and includes 1 hour of prep time.

To hire the citizenship lawyer to only attend the interview (application prepared by client or by another attorney), the fee is $500. This fee reflects the need for the citizenship lawyer to review the previously submitted application packet and prepare any necessary legal arguments or additional evidence.

Both of the interview attendance fees require travel expenses if the interview is held outside the Southern California or New England areas.

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