To all Citizenship Lawyers & those Applying for Citizenship:

The USCIS announced yesterday new filing addresses for the N-400 citizenship application for the Texas and Arizona lockbox facilities, used by citizenship lawyers and those applying for citizenship pro se. The changes take effect immediately.

An N-400 citizenship application previously filed at the post office box in Lewisville, TX will now be sent to a box in Dallas. The USPS will forward any citizenship application sent to the Lewisville P.O. Box to Dallas through December 31, 2009. Starting January 1, 2010, the citizenship application will forward through normal channels, potentially causing a delay in receipt at Dallas. Addresses for an N-400 citizenship application previously filed via courier to either the Arizona or Texas facility have also changed.Citizenship lawyers and those applying for citizenship are urged to always check to make sure they have the most up to date N-400 filing address on the N-400 form prior to mailing.

To check which address to send your N-400 citizenship application to, check out our Citizenship Application Filing Locations page, or the USCIS website.

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