Q: How do I get US citizenship through marriage?

A: Certain permanent resident green card holders can get US citizenship through marriage to a US citizen via a process called naturalization. US naturalization requirements for an applicant applying for citizenship through marriage differ from those applying through the normal route in the number of years of permanent residency required prior to applying.  In order to get US citizenship through marriage, the applicant must be married to a US citizen for three years. Others who get US citizenship via naturalization must wait five years, although there are limited exceptions.

A citizenship attorney can determine whether or not you qualify for US citizenship through marriage. If you do not qualify, the citizenship attorney can advise you on other paths to US citizenship that may be available to you.  Don’t waste application fees on an unapprovable US naturalization application – contact a citizenship attorney today to find out if you qualify for US citizenship through marriage by dialing 800.989.6842.