Hiring a citizenship lawyer can help avoid green card problems

After an immigrant obtains a permanent resident green card, the green card can be revoked for any number of actual or perceived criminal or immigration violations.  Typically, the permanent resident is not notified that they have placed their green card in jeopardy. Instead, they first become aware of their deportability only after submitting fingerprints for a replacement green card (I-90), removal of conditions (I-751) or citizenship. But, by then it is too late. Once labeled by USCIS as being in violation of immigration laws, the permanent resident will be placed in removal proceedings and could be deported. The only way to avoid such a situation is to have never applied for the benefit in the first place.

Upon retaining a citizenship lawyer, you will be interviewed extensively about your activities since obtaining your green card in order to avoid having you waste money on a losing citizenship application due to moral character issues or putting your immigration status in jeopardy due to criminal or immigration violations. If your situation makes the application process more complicated, but not necessarily impossible, the citizenship lawyer can help prepare the evidence or legal arguments necessary to help you win your case.

Hiring a citizenship lawyer to help prepare the citizenship application

A common complaint among those submitting a citizenship application is the length of time it takes USCIS to process their application and confer American citizenship upon them. Those who fail to submit complete and accurate applications experience a significantly greater delay. By hiring a qualified citizenship lawyer, you can reduce the chance that your application will be delayed for errors or omissions or, worse, rejected for misrepresentation.

Hiring a citizenship lawyer to accompany you to your citizenship interview

Even the most qualified or thoroughly prepared citizenship applicant can experience nervousness on the day of his or her citizenship interview. Nervousness can lead an innocent applicant to appear evasive or dishonest.  A citizenship lawyer can accompany an applicant to his or her citizenship interview and can help set the tone for a successful interview. The citizenship lawyer can also address any issues that may arise concerning residency, physical presence, or moral character.

This citizenship lawyer recommends that an applicant never prepare and submit his or her naturalization application package or attend a citizenship interview without the aid of a citizenship lawyer. However, certain US citizenship applicants (especially those with no residency, physical presence, or moral character problems) may not necessarily need to be accompanied to the citizenship interview by a citizenship lawyer. As naturalization clients often have differing levels of representation needs, we offer a hybrid attorney fee structure for naturalization cases. See citizenship lawyer fees.

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