Q: How long is the American Citizenship process?

A: Once you have been a US permanent resident green card holder for the requisite number of years, the American naturalization process, or American citizenship process, begins when the naturalization attorney files of the citizenship application (N-400) at the proper citizenship application lock box facility. See American citizenship application filing locations.

After the N-400 is received and processed by USCIS, the naturalization applicant or attorney will receive an appointment for biometrics and fingerprinting. There will be a delay in processing of the application while the applicant’s background is checked. The amount of time required for this background check depends on the individual’s background and/or criminal history. Your naturalization attorney will be able to identify any problematic items in your background, or issues with meeting the American citizenship requirements, so that they can be addressed by the naturalization attorney during your citizenship interview.

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Only after the applicant’s background check has been completed will the citizenship interview be scheduled at the local USCIS office.  During the interview, the immigration officer will confirm that you meet all of the American citizenship requirements. If any issues arise during this part of the interview, your naturalization attorney will be prepared to advocate on your behalf.  Once the immigration officer is satisfied that you meet the citizenship requirements, the English and civics test will be administered.

The total length of time for completion of the American citizenship process will vary depending on the circumstances of an individual case. However, USCIS states that most citizenship applications are being processed within 5 months of filing with the appropriate lock box.