After reviewing the citizenship requirements, the naturalization process begins by filing USCIS form N-400, the citizenship application, at the appropriate filing location. This naturalization application consists of 10 pages, 14 parts and several dozen questions. In addition to form N-400, you must file various documents and pieces of evidence when you apply for citizenship. A citizenship attorney can help prepare a your N-400 citizenship application package. For a free consultation, contact the citizenship attorney today.

The N-400 Citizenship Application consists of the following parts:

  • Form N-400, Part 1 asks for information about your name and any name changes that you may have had;
  • Form N-400, Part 2 asks how you qualify to apply for citizenship – i.e. the general green card citizenship path (5 years) or the marriage citizenship path (3 years), etc.;
  • Form N-400, Part 3 requires identifying information about you including social security number, date & place of birth, marital status, request for waiver based on disability;
  • Form N-400, Part 4 asks for your current address and phone numbers;
  • Form N-400, Part 5 asks for information to help identify you during the background check;
  • Form N-400, Part 6 asks for five years worth of residence, education and employment history;
  • Form N-400, Part 7 requests information about all time spent outside the US for the past five years;
  • Form N-400, Part 8 asks you to list information about your past and present spouses;
  • Form N-400, Part 9 requires you to list all of your children;
  • Form N-400, Part 10 asks you to disclose issues that could make you ineligible for citizenship or even deportable such as claiming to be a US citizen, voting in a federal election, membership in certain undesirable groups or organizations, tax return filing or criminal history.

Proper preparation of form N-400 (Citizenship Application) is essential for successfully obtaining citizenship as you could be required to substantiate the answers during your citizenship interview. For assistance in properly completing Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization) and preparation of your naturalization application package, contact a citizenship attorney today!