As we all know, Arizona recently passed a bill that would make it harder to be an undocumented person in that state. The debate as to the morality and, more importantly, constitutionality of the bill has been raging. However, no matter what you may think about the SB 1070, you have to admit that protection of our border needs improvement — the passage of illegal drugs, criminals, and terrorists into the US poses a direct threat to the security of our nation. There is a multi-billion dollar drug industry that makes illicit drugs (cocaine, meth, etc.) in Central and South America and supplies them to dealer networks near our homes, offices and schools.

Although it remains to be seen wether Arizona’s law will ultimately stand, it has been effective at causing lawmakers to act. ¬†President Obama recently signed into law a bill that will add approximately $600 million to the border enforcement budget. The bill proposes to add about 1,500 new border agents and purchase aerials drones for surveillance.

During debate on the bills, however, a contentious issue was were the additional $600 million would come from. Republicans had their eye on stimulus money. Democrats, on the other hand, sought to impose an additional tax on companies who benefit from importing foreign labor —¬†perhaps as much as $2000 per application.