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Green Card
Lawful Permanent Residence

Looking for an immigration lawyer? We represent clients in all types of family-based permanent residence (“green card”) cases including green cards for spouses, parents and siblings. Whether your loved one is in the US or a continent away, we can help!

immigration lawyer los angeles fiance visas

For couples who have not yet married, the fiance visa is a great option. Not only does it allow the foreign national to enter the US sooner than a spousal immigrant visa, but once in the US the couple can marry and immediately apply for a green card without having to leave.

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Green Card thru Marriage

A marriage green card allows spouses to live and work permanently in the US. If outside the US, a spousal visa allows them to move to the US and establish residency. If already in the US, the adjustment of status process allows them to apply for a green card without having to leave.

immigration lawyer los angeles naturalization citizenship

US Citizenship

Green card holders are eligible to apply for US Citizenship via naturalization once they’ve been lawful permanent residents for 5 years (3 years if married to a US Citizen). The process entails filing an application, fingerprinting, an interview, an English and civics test and an oath.

Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles K1 Visa

K1 Visa

K1 Visa is the official name for the US fiance visa which gives partners of US citizens the right to move to the US, marry and apply for a green card. A K1 Visa now takes about half the time of a spousal visa, which makes it the more attractive option for couples considering marriage.

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Green Card Renewal

Green Card for Spouses

K3 Visas

Green Card For Parents

IR5 Visa

CR1 Visa

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Everybody wants to find the best immigration lawyer to handle their case but it’s hard to find someone competent and trustworthy without a personal referral. Given the number of Los Angeles immigration lawyers, potential clients rely more and more on reviews on Yelp to find a perfect match. These authentic and unsolicited immigration lawyer reviews are from current and former clients, many of whom have given the best praise possible – referring their own friends and family!
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Because immigration law is regulated by the US government, an immigration attorney in Los Angeles is able to represent clients at green card and citizenship interviews in all 50 states and in connection with immigrant and fiance visa applications at US Embassies and Consulates around the world. By using cutting-edge 21st century technology, there is no corner of the globe that we cannot reach.

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The most expensive immigration lawyer is not necessarily the best immigration lawyer.

Whether you’re down the street or a continent away, our proven process ensures full-service representation by a licensed attorney every step of the way. To make service more efficient, and thus less expensive, we offer flat fee billing with unlimited virtual communication with the immigration lawyer (email, fax, Skype, FaceTime, phone and mail).


Each case starts with a free phone or video call with the immigration attorney to determine suitability of legal representation and to broadly review case facts, processing steps and timeline. Prospective clients can send follow-up questions via email. This level of direct attorney access — via email, phone and video chat — will continue during the entire lifecycle of the case.


Attorney emails a legal retainer agreement, blank questionnaires and PayPal invoice for the 1st part of the attorney fee. Although not required, the vast majority of clients choose to return completed documents and fee electronically for faster processing as physical mailing slows work considerably, especially for clients located overseas.


Attorney begins drafting filing forms, requesting additional information and creating a client document production list. Drafts are edited and final versions are emailed to clients with final steps to follow to prepare for attorney’s filing of the case. Documents containing confidential information are either sent to clients via password protected .pdfs or delivered to attorney via a secure file upload.


Attorney will file the initial case forms and supporting documentation package electronically or via mail, track case through all processing stages, receive filing receipt(s) and government correspondence, respond to government requests for additional information or documentation, keep track of deadlines and update clients all along the way.


Although a case is occasionally decided without an in-person interview, most do require an interview at either the local USCIS office within the US or at a US Consulate or Embassy abroad. Once an interview date has been assigned, Attorney conducts a pre-interview prep conference call or video chat.

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