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Naturalization lawyers are immigration lawyers that are qualified to assist green card holders in obtaining US citizenship through the naturalization process. Naturalization lawyers can aid the naturalization applicant in preparing the N-400 naturalization application package and/or accompany the applicant to the naturalization interview. Naturalization lawyers will identify any potential problems with applicants’ cases, including issues that could make applicants deportable, and confirm that the applicants meet all of the requirements prior to submitting naturalization applications. Contact a naturalization lawyer today to start the US naturalization process.

Citizenship Requirements for a marriage citizenship case…how are they different?

By |December 13th, 2009|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

The citizenship requirements for those applying for American citizenship can be broken down into three main categories: citizenship requirements for members of the US military; citizenship requirements for those taking the green card citizenship route; and citizenship requirements for those taking the marriage citizenship route (an off-shoot of the green card citizenship route). The main [...]

N-400 Processing Times for September 2009

By |December 13th, 2009|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

USCIS recently released the processing times for the N-400 application for naturalization for local USCIS field offices. After receiving a citizenship application at the appropriate filing location, USCIS processes the application and forwards the file to the applicant's local USCIS field office so that a citizenship interview can be scheduled. Naturalization lawyers have noticed a [...]