Q:  Can I bring a citizenship lawyer to my US citizenship interview?

A: Most US citizenship interviews take place at the USCIS field office closest to where the person applying for US citizenship lives. There are typically two parts to the US citizenship interview.

First, the immigration officer reviews the US citizenship application to determine whether or not the person applying for US citizenship has met all the US citizenship requirements, including the requirement for good moral character.  A citizenship lawyer can be helpful during this part of the interview to help explain the history of the applicant’s residency, travel abroad, voting history, criminal record, or other issue that could potentially lead to a denial of the US citizenship application.

The second part of the US citizenship interview consists of the English and Civics citizenship tests. A citizenship lawyer will not be able to aid the applicant during this part of the interview, unless the citizenship lawyer is needed to facilitate approval of a test waiver due to advanced age or disability.

If you are considering applying for US citizenship, contact a citizenship lawyer at 800.989.6842 to discuss your ability to meet the US citizenship requirements and identify any potential problems associated with your US citizenship application.