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CR1 Visa – What You Should Know

By |June 20th, 2023|Marriage Visa|

Here are 4 facts about the CR1 visa, an immigrant visa for newly-wed spouses of US Citizens, that could affect your immigration planning: #1: The CR1 Visa is one of two options for marriage-based immigration for spouses located outside the US  People located abroad obtain US lawful permanent residence (LPR) by traveling to the US [...]

K-3 Visa & Marriage Visa Process Change

By |February 24th, 2010|Marriage Visa|

The US Department of State recently announced a change to the way they process K-3 Visa applications. In the past, US citizens or lawful permanent resident spouses would use a K-3 visa to bring their husband or wife to the US. Unlike normal spousal visa processing abroad (via form I-130), a K-3 visa only granted [...]

USCIS ordered to review green card denials in Los Angeles

By |April 28th, 2009|Marriage Visa|

A federal district judge ordered USCIS to reopen the cases of 13 immigrants whose conditional green card applications in Los Angeles were denied because of the "widow penalty."  According to DHS rules, the USCIS must deny an application for a conditional green card if the citizen spouse dies before the green card process is complete, [...]