Foreign nationals who are deported from the United States are barred from re-entering for a certain number of years following the deportation. If the person wishes to come back sooner, however, he can file a deportation waiver with immigration officials. If approved, the person will be permitted to enter the US without having to wait for the deportation bar to expire. An immigration waiver attorney can assist in preparing a deportation waiver application.

Deportation waiver for green card applicants

Green card applicants whose deportation bars have not yet expired are permitted to file an I-212 application for deportation waiver. If the applicant is adjusting status in the United States, the I-212 deportation waiver may be adjudicated by the immigration official who is handling the adjustment of status case. If the applicant is outside the US, and does not need to file a 601 waiver in addition to the deportation waiver, the I-212 should be sent to the district director with jurisdiction over the place where the deportation proceedings were held. If the applicant also needs to file an I-601 waiver, the deportation waiver should be filed at the US Embassy or Consulate.

Deportation waiver for nonimmigrants

The deportation waiver process for green card applicants has been formalized and is fairly predictable. The process for nonimmigrant visa applicants, however, is much less straight-forward. Contact an immigration waiver attorney today at 800.989.6842 to discuss your deportation waiver case.