When US green card applications are denied due to a ground of inadmissibility, most applicants must file a 601 waiver and wait for it to be adjudicated. Processing times for 601 waivers filed in the US during the adjustment of status process can take anywhere from one day to multiple years. Processing times for waivers filed abroad can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the USCIS office that is deciding the waiver. Waivers filed after a denied green card in Mexico, however, can be approved in as little as one week after it is submitted.

All Mexico green card applications are processed through the US Consulate at Ciudad de Juarez (CDJ), no matter where in Mexico the applicant resides. When a Mexico green card is denied at CDJ, the applicant will be notified of the denial during the interview. If the consular officer believes that a ground of inadmissibility can be waived via a 601 waiver, the applicant will be given instructions on filing the waiver. The applicant must make an appointment to file the waiver; Mexico waiver appointments are currently being scheduled approximately two months out.

During the waiver appointment, the applicant pays the $545 filing fee, hands in the waiver at the proper window, and then leaves. If the waiver is readily approvable, the applicant will be given the good news via a DHL delivery in approximately one week. If the waiver is not readily approvable, it will be placed in a pile for later adjudication (currently takes between 8 to 18 months) and the applicant will receive notice visa DHL that the case needs further processing.

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