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A citizenship attorney is an immigration attorney that is qualified to assist green card holders in obtaining US citizenship through the naturalization process. The citizenship attorney can aid the citizenship applicant in preparing the N-400 citizenship application package and/or accompany the applicant to the citizenship interview. The citizenship attorney will identify any potential problems with the applicant’s case, including issues that could make the applicant deportable, and confirm that the applicant meets all of the requirements prior to submitting the citizenship application. Contact a citizenship attorney today to start the US naturalization process.

How do I get US citizenship through marriage?

By |January 1st, 2010|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

Q: How do I get US citizenship through marriage? A: Certain permanent resident green card holders can get US citizenship through marriage to a US citizen via a process called naturalization. US naturalization requirements for an applicant applying for citizenship through marriage differ from those applying through the normal route in the number of years [...]