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A naturalization attorney is an immigration attorney that is qualified to assist green card holders in obtaining US citizenship through the naturalization process. The naturalization attorney can aid the naturalization applicant in preparing the N-400 naturalization application package and/or accompany the applicant to the naturalization interview. The naturalization attorney will identify any potential problems with the applicant’s case, including issues that could make the applicant deportable, and confirm that the applicant meets all of the naturalization requirements prior to submitting the naturalization application. Contact a naturalization attorney today to start the US naturalization process.

How long is the American Citizenship Process?

By |January 1st, 2010|US Citizenship & Naturalization|

Q: How long is the American Citizenship process? A: Once you have been a US permanent resident green card holder for the requisite number of years, the American naturalization process, or American citizenship process, begins when the naturalization attorney files of the citizenship application (N-400) at the proper citizenship application lock box facility. See American [...]

Florida Citizenship Ceremony for Moscow Mauler

By |December 9th, 2009|Immigration in Pop Culture, US Citizenship & Naturalization|

Don't look now, but the Moscow Mauler is America's newest citizen. Oleg Prudius, aka Vladimir Kozlov, was sworn in at the Tampa, Florida citizenship ceremony this week with 413 other citizenship applicants from 74 countries including Cambodia, Guatemala and the Ukraine. Kozlov started his long journey toward American citizenship as a child in the Ukraine. [...]